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I'm Nadhiya

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Profile Created By Self | Active - 3 months ago

  • 39 years 0 months ,    5ft 3in
  • Mother Tongue is Malayalam
  • Lives in Thrissur
  • Studied Diploma
  • Teacher
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Match Score 40%

About her

edit I have done Ttc Diploma and searching for a suitable job.I am from a Middle class, Nuclear family with Liberal values, currently settled in Thrissur.Divorcee from 2 years and have 2 children also. They sometimes lives with me.

edit39 years 0 months ,    5ft 3in

edit Divorced, 2 Child

editLives in Thrissur

edit No Smoking Habits

edit No Drinking Habits

edit Non-Vegetarian

editIndia citizen

edit Mobile No: +91 79XXXXXXXXUpgrade now to view number

Her religious background

edit Sunni - Muslim - UnSpecified

edit Medam (Aries)

edit Punartham

edit Request Horoscope

Her professional details



About her loved ones

editNuclear middle class family with liberal values

edit Father is a Passed away, Mother is a Homemaker

edit Request Family Details

edit 2 Brothers, 2 Married Brothers

edit 2 Sisters, 2 Married Sisters

edit Ancestral Origin - Indian

Her Hobbies & Interest



  • Cooking,
  • Nature,

Favourite Music Genre

  • Film Songs,

Sports/Fitness Activities

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Match score 40%


Her basic preferences

Groom's Age 34-39 yrs
Height 5ft 4in - 5ft 8in
Marital Status any,Divorced
Mother Tongue Malayalam
Physical Status Normal
Eating Habits Does Not Matter
Drinking Habits No
Smoking Habits No

Her religious preferences

Religion Sunni
Muslim - UnSpecified

Her professional preferences

Not Specified
Employed In Does not Matter
Does not Matter
Annual Income
Does not Matter

Her location preferences

Any Country
Residing State
Any State
Residing City
Any City

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